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Murri Christmas Letter

Christmas 2001

      Dear Family and Friends,

     Hello & Merry Christmas! With all that is going on in the world today, this year is very different than any Christmas that most of us can remember. That being said, our hope is that you've found the time to reflect on the things that matter most in this life -- family, friends, and things of a more spiritual nature -- and we hope that you’re having a wonderful Christmas Season. Since we can't get to see you all during the year (as much as we'd like to), we wanted to share just a little bit of our past year with you here.

     This has been an exciting year for our family. We started the year with two missionaries in the field. Our oldest daughter got married (and we gained a son-in-law). We ended up with both of our missionaries home for the wedding. We travelled to Utah for the Open House. We took our annual trip to Oregon to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of Brett’s family. Here's a little bit more about what we’ve been doing individually:

     Janai (24) started the year quietly -- just living in Provo, Utah, working and going to school. Our lives all took an interesting turn, though, last Spring, when Janai announced her engagement to Mike Walter, who she met on a blind date there. The months that followed were mostly centered around getting ready for the wedding, which took place in the Seattle Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on August 18th. We held a reception here in Everett that evening, then Mike's family held an Open House in Provo on September 1st. The newlyweds bought a condo in Orem, Utah, and are settling in to their new life together.

     Adrianne (22) spent the first half of the past year continuing her mission for our church in the New York Rochester Mission. She was due to come home in early September, but surprised us all by returning home just two days before Janai's wedding. It was great having her here in time to participate in this wonderful event. Since then, she’s been very busy. Adrianne is living at home and going to a community college just south of Seattle. She's in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program there (the only place on this side of the state that offers it). She has a two hour commute each way, but she says it's not too bad. She uses the time to get in a little extra studying.

     Trevor (20) also started the year serving a mission for our church. He was serving in the Colorado Denver North Mission. Unfortunately, Trevor got pretty sick early in the year and was sent home in June after it became clear that he wasn't getting well there. A barrage of doctors and tests didn't give us any idea what Trevor actually had. When it looked like he wasn't getting any better even at home, rather than being sent back into the mission field sick, Trevor received an honorable release from his mission. From the time he got home, Lynette had been treating him with various herbal remedies, which we believe eventually put him back on the road to recovery. Despite the disappointment and frustration Trevor experienced in all this, it was a great blessing to us have him with us for Janai's wedding. Trevor is doing much better now, and in fact he's living in Provo, Utah, and getting ready to start back at BYU in January.

     Cameron (12) is in his second year of Middle School (7th grade). Cameron was honored last year for having the highest GPA for a 6th grade boy at his school. He's already well on the way to repeating that this year with a 4.0 for the first quarter. Cameron is in Choir again this year and is still enjoying it. Cameron also participates in Boy Scouts. He's past the point, though, where his dad is invited to all of the campouts with him. Cameron enjoys basketball and will be playing on a church team starting in January. After being an "only child" for the first half of the year, Cameron was more than happy to have siblings back home again, even if some were just for a short time -- not that Mom and Dad are all that boring ( . . . well . . . maybe just a little).

     Lynette was released from her calling as Relief Society President early in the year. Her release came at an opportune time as she was able to focus on both filling the role of Janai's "Wedding Planner", a role in which she truly shined (move over Jennifer Lopez), and in her continuing role as Dr. Mom, helping Trevor get healthy again. As always, she manages to keep the rest of us in line and reasonably healthy. After her release from Relief Society, Lynette was called to work in the Young Women's organization again, as Laurel advisor. She loves working with the youth. Another new role for her lately has been to man the "information hotline" here at home, fielding those "Mom, how do you . . . ?" calls.

     Brett is in his 16th year at Boeing. The program he changed jobs for last year was cancelled in May, but he was able to get himself reassigned to another project that has worked even better for him. Besides a few unexpected perks like a private office, with all of the downsizing going on at Boeing, he's in a pretty good position to keep his job unless things get much worse that expected. Outside of work, Brett is in his fourth year teaching early morning Seminary. This year's theme is the "Book of Mormon". As much as he loves teaching, this could be his last year. Early morning Seminary is a voluntary assignment, and four years is considered a typical commitment since the program repeats every four years. Brett's still maintaining our modest little family Web site. It’s not too exciting, but if you want to know what's going on with us, you might want to drop by and take a look. You can find our Web site by going to: "" .

     As always, we’d like to invite you to write us if you get a spare minute and let know how you’re doing. We're always excited to receive real letters, but we'd love to get even an E-mail. Our address is "". And, of course, if you happen to make it up to our soggy little corner of the world, we'd love to have you drop in. Once again, our wish is that this holiday season will carry us all into a much brighter & happier new year. We wish you all the very best. Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

               -- The Murri's --