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Murri Family Christmas Home Page


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We'd like to thank you for visiting our Web page.   Feel free to browse around our site.   Drop us a quick note, if you'd like, to let us know you were here.

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Who We Are

Angel We're just an average American family of six, living in the Pacific Northwest.   Here's our latest family portrait,  to give you an idea of who we are. Murri family portrait
( Click on our picture to see
us up close if you dare. )

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Janai's Mission Page

Vine Janai
( Click on this picture to
visit Janai's Mission Page. )
Vine Janai and Mike
( Click on this picture to
visit Janai and Mike's page. )

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Adrianne's Mission Page

Vine Adrianne
( Click on Adrianne's picture to
visit her Mission Page. )

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Trevor's Mission Page

Vine Trevor
( Click on Trevor's picture to
visit his Mission Page. )

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The Murri Family Christmas Letter


     Click on the door to go to our family Christmas letter.


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      Here's a quick look at our weather.   Want to know what it's doing somewhere else? Everett, Washington Forecast

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